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  • Diagnose infections, muscle disorders, and bone fractures
  • Pinpoint the location of masses and tumors (including cancer)
  • Study the blood vessels and other internal structures
  • Assess the extent of internal injuries and internal bleeding
  • Guide procedures, such as surgeries and biopsies
  • Monitor the effectiveness of treatments for certain medical conditions, including cancer and heart disease
  • The test is non invasive and can be conducted quickly.
CT Scan


CT Scan is Computed Tomography. It is a computerized X-ray machine that examines the body. The scanner is comprised of a table and a bracket. The bracket is the donut shape part that houses the X-ray source.

The length of your CT exam depends upon which particular study or studies your doctor has ordered. Most exams are quick, lasting just a few minutes.

During the procedure, you are placed on a table that slides into the Centre of the large, doughnut-shaped X-ray machine. Once the procedure begins, you must remain very still while the images are taken.